The Great British Citizenship Pub Quiz II
Event and 8pp Publication
A re-run of the Great British Citizenship Pub Quiz commissioned by Kensington & Chelsea Borough Council as part of Across the Street, Around the World festival, Autumn/Winter 2009.

Seven teams out of 30 managed to pass the
test, an improvement on the results from
the first quiz in 2007, which saw everyone fail.

This version of the test featured a section
asking people to propose their ideas for questions they would like to see included
in the forthcoming Australian style
points-based system of assessing citizenship which the UK is set to introduce in July 2010.

The system works by calculating what a prospective citizen is worth in terms of a score, awarding points for vocational skills, qualifications, criminal records and community contributions (you would loose points for having taken part in political demonstrations
or rallies).

Our audience on the night seemed more interested whether applicants knew how
to go about getting a refund from Marks & Spencer or the theme tune to Thunderbirds.