Sexymachinery Issue A: Super Replica
64pp loose-leaf magazine
In June 2007, the world was invited to witness the demise of Sexymachinery; an architectural production from London, Copenhagen and Baden-Baden, which had been active since 2000. The occasion was called SEXYMACHINERY 13 - THE END, and took the form of a conference at Serpentine Gallery; a series of live interventions to mark the final episode of the Sexymachinery project.

This may have come as some surprise then, that Sexymachinery, Issue A, Super Replica launched in May 2008 at the Permanent Gallery in Brighton courtesy of St. Pierre & Miquelon. The magazine itself is a bootleg about bootlegging containing fakes, copyrighted material, free recipes, proposals for open source projects, replica fragrances and other findings from the wider culture of copying in general. Limited to an edition of 200 copies.

The magazine is available in the following ways: 1) RRP - £5 2) 2 for £8 3) Swap 4) Free PDF
5) Special Edition - £6 6) Reduced to clear

Download contents page here
Email for free PDF & how to buy online here

Buy from the following; Tate Modern, Koenig Serpentine, Gasworks, Aye Aye, Hitherto.